Julie N oil spill, When disaster strikes, either man-made or through an act of nature, impacted businesses may need to be compensated. BCG Financial Forensics, LLC handles loss of business income calculations if it is an insurance-covered loss due to natural disaster, or lost profits calculations if there is a responsible party.

We have prepared loss of business income calculations for insurance claims from covered losses due to hurricanes, tornadoes, wild fires, and forced evacuations and lost profit/business interruption calculations for businesses that have suffered temporary shutdowns due to oil spills, pipeline ruptures, and other catastrophes.

We also have experience managing the auditing and adjusting of cleanup costs. Prior to forming BCG Financial Forensics, LLC, some of the major oil or gasoline spills in which lost profits and/or cleanup costs handled by Mr. Baskett included:

  • "Westchester" oil spill in the Mississippi River near Venice, Louisiana;
  • "Julie N" oil spill in the harbor of Portland, Maine;
  • "Jahre Spray" gasoline spill in the Delaware River near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;
  • "Berge Banker" oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico near Padre Island, Texas.
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