Family law is a sensitive area, and no one understands that better than BCG Financial Forensics, LLC. When it comes to assisting in divorce cases, it is essential that the client remove emotions and be focused on the facts needed to support an equitable division of assets.

We have numerous years of experience working with individuals getting divorced. We keep the client focused on pulling together the supporting documentation necessary to provide a defendable tracing of assets for the determination of marital and non-marital asset classification. If necessary, we can conduct investigative and forensic accounting to search for hidden assets. We prepare business valuations and/or analyze business valuations already prepared for reasonableness and assist in determining the final division of assets taking into consideration tax implications such as built-in capital gains.

We prepare Life Style Analysis to assist in the determination of alimony taking into consideration tax avoidance due to alimony recapture.  In addition, we prepare Georgia Child Support Worksheets if requested.

If needed, we are available to assist in depositions, negotiations at mediation and expert witness testimony at deposition or trial.

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